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  • Armed and Dangerous | Sex, software, politics, and . . .
    The following is a very lightly edited version of email I wrote to my apprentice Ian Bruene after he wrote documentation for his new Kommandant project that was, alas, as awful as I generally expect from programmers I’m not training Ian for mere coding competence; he’s too talented for that and anyway I have higher standards
  • TeraCopy for Windows - Code Sector
    Official site of TeraCopy, a free utility designed to copy files faster and more secure It can verify copied files to ensure they are identical It skips bad files during copy, not terminating the entire transfer Seamless integration with Windows Explorer
  • Packages - The Go Programming Language
    Name Synopsis; archive: tar: Package tar implements access to tar archives zip: Package zip provides support for reading and writing ZIP archives
  • Total Commander - Plugins
    How to install and use a packer plugin: 1 Unzip the downloaded archive to any directory 2 In Total Commander, choose Configuration - Options 3
    This is the first of a series of five in which I try to explicate as best I can the names of the neighborhoods of each borough Some of them are easily inferrable, while some of them have to be ferreted out, Holmes-like
  • MySQL :: MySQL 8. 0 Reference Manual
    Abstract This is the MySQL™ Reference Manual It documents MySQL 8 0 through 8 0 15, as well as NDB Cluster releases based on version 8 0 of NDB through 8 0 14-ndb-8 0 14, respectively It may include documentation of features of MySQL versions that have not yet been released
  • Jeff Luthers OpenText Gupta Team Developer
    Products I Have Used for Remote Work: In working remotely on several Team Developer projects as an independent consultatn, I have used several online products that have greatly assisted in my consulting, training and coding effort
  • FastPictureViewer Professional | Help Tutorials
    There is far more than meets the eye in FastPictureViewer Professional Please spend some time skimming the feature set by reading some of the tutorials on this page, then try them out yourself with your own images

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